Concrete Laser Screed, Concrete Trowel to Shandong Vanse Machinery Technology Co., Ltd., our company is specialized in the supply of concrete leveling machine, laser leveling machine, the company sincerely invite the industry experts and colleagues to visit the company guidance and negotiate business.

About us

Shandong Vanse Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Jining City of Shandong Province, the home of the far reaching Confucian Culture. VANSE covers an area of 66000 sq. meters with 26000 sq. meters as workshop, enjoying great natural and culture resources as well as transportation advantages. The company employs 200 R&D professionals, production engineers and technical support experts, provides self-development patented concrete laser screed, concrete trowel, hand screed, road roller, etc. With years of experience in R&D and a rich fund of knowledge, VANSE established products line in 3 models of Two-wheeled Concrete Laser Screed Machine, Four-wheeled Concrete Laser Screed Machine, Six-wheeled Concrete Laser Screed Machine, remote control Concrete Laser Screed Machine, long boom Concrete Laser Screed Machine. So far, VANSE’s products have undergone three generation, all with Independent Intellectual Property Rights for the core parts. The fourth generation is under R&D process. With major auxiliary parts imported from Germany, USA, and Japan, VANSE’s equipments are more durable, safe and reliable performance to meet customers’ need in a better way.

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Shandong Vanse Machinery Technology Co., Ltd.

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Add.: Western Side of Liancheng Company, Southern Side of North Ring Road, Xinyan Town, Yanzhou District, Jining City.

Construction case

YZ25-4E 施工
YZ25-4E remote type concrete laser screed
YZ25-6 concrete laser screed
DZ25-2 Concrete Laser Screed
YZ40-4 concrete laser screed
DZ30-2 Concrete Laser Screed
DZ25-2 Concrete Laser Screed
DZ25-2 Concrete Laser Screed
DZ30-2 Concrete Laser Screed
DZ30-2 Concrete Laser Screed
DZ30-2 Concrete Laser Screed